5 Common Mistakes To Look Out For When Preparing for Your Math Exams

  • 01 March 2023
  • 4  min read
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The majority of Singaporean students rate Mathematics as a difficult & challenging subject. It takes a lot of familiarity with Mathematical formulas, concepts & problem sums to ace one’s Mathematics.

Many parents have a theory that as long as they keep equipping their children with tons of assessment books & past years’ Math exam papers, they will be able to do well.

However, practicing consistently is not the only key point in tackling Math – the problem lies in common mistakes students tend to make.

So how does one avoid making these common mistakes?

Learn how you can prevent unnecessary marks loss for your child by reading on.

#1 Careless Mistakes

Yes – we understand that many students find it a challenge to finish answering all of the questions in their answer sheet & hence, a certain amount of carelessness is inevitable.

Before exams/tests, students should be encouraged to look through all of their questions first before attempting them, starting from the familiar & easier questions first before tackling the harder questions.

Leave aside ten minutes before the submission to go over your answers before submitting them in order to avoid any accidental mistakes, such as omitting a negative sign or using the wrong symbol.

#2 Applying the Wrong Formula


In order for a student to ace their Math exams/tests, the key is to master the skill of solving problem sums & understanding the concepts. This skill works by applying the correct formulas, as any Math teacher/tutor will tell you. The problem, however, is that most students tend to run through the motions when solving Math questions without understanding the techniques & applying them to their work.

Understanding Algebraic Expressions, Area & Circumference of Circles, Perimeters, Time & Distance & the Volume/Surface Area of Cubes & Cuboids are some of the basic Math formulas. The incorrect application of formulas arises from a failure to fully understand the concept at the foundation of the formula.

Consistently practicing these formulas & understanding the Math concepts will make the students less prone to applying the wrong formula again. 

#3 Focusing on the Wrong Areas

In areas where students are facing troubles, it becomes more important for them to invest more time focusing on those areas. While this can be rather challenging at times, the end result is that students will no longer find it a challenge to tackle their weaker areas.

It might be unproductive to expect them to be equally proficient in all areas, which could cause stress. The right areas of focus will ensure that the student is spending a sufficient amount of time strengthening their fundamentals. In this way, they will be able to improve much more effectively.

#4 Poor Time Management


Among all the mistakes students make when doing their Math tests/exams, this one is the most significant.

It’s important for students to distribute their time in accordance with how many questions they’ll be answering & their difficulty level. Timekeeping is essential during tests/exams, wearing a watch & keeping an eye on it throughout can help them to better manage their time & completing their tests/exams on time.

Also – make sure that students have all the necessary tools they will need to take with them into the hall, such as calculators, extra pencils/pens & set squares, etc.

#5 Inconsistent Practicing


Students should develop their practice habits by practicing consistently. Through consistent practicing, the student will be able to gain so much more confidence in answering the Math questions as well as increasing their familiarity & improving their speed & accuracy during tests/exams.

Students should revise the old questions over again & concentrate on the ones where they’ve made mistakes. When they learn from their mistakes rather than attempting new questions, they will be able to maximize their learning even more.


Keeping these common mistakes in mind will allow students to work on them more effectively before exams.

Another effective way to help students improve in their Math is to hire a private tutor to assist them in their studies. That way, they will get to learn more strategies to ace their exams, as well as avoid any further mistakes when answering Math questions.

A tutor can also help students to improve their exam preparation & better understand concepts that they find challenging.

Here at Singapore Tuition Teachers, we have a database of experienced & professional tutors, trained to provide tuition effectively & efficiently. Contact us today to find out more!

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