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PSLE, also known as Primary School Leaving Examination, is a national examination conducted by MOE for all Primary 6 students in Singapore.

PSLE scores are one of the determining factors that will decide which Secondary school & Secondary stream (Express/Normal-Academic/Normal-Technical) students will be posted to.

Here at Singapore Tuition Teachers, we specialize in sourcing 1-1 home tutors for students who are coping with their PSLE. We provide a range of PSLE tutors (Part/Full-Time Tutors/MOE Teachers) to match & cater to your needs & preferences.

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PSLE Tuition Rates

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Singapore Tuition Teachers Pte. Ltd.
Singapore Tuition Teachers Pte. Ltd.
Singapore Tuition Teachers Pte. Ltd.
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Full-Time Tutor
Ex/Current MOE Teachers
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Junior College / IB
ITE / Poly / Uni
Adult Languages
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Having A Hard Time Struggling With PSLE?

Challenges Faced With PSLE

  • Coping in school/catching up with the Primary 6 curriculum
  • Struggling with the increased amount of homework/schoolwork
  • Dealing with more challenging questions
  • Fear of not being able to maintain academic consistency

We Can Help!

Having more than 30,000 tutors in our tutor database, our primary goal is to help parents/students to match suitable PSLE tutors according to their needs & preferences. We ensure to deliver the best support & tutors, making an optimistic impact in every student’s life.
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Building Your Child’s Confidence In PSLE

Singapore Tuition Teachers Pte. Ltd.

Why Should You Invest In PSLE Tuition In Singapore?

Key Advantages Of Engaging PSLE Tutors

  • Students can make use of this great opportunity to catch up on their schoolwork or school’s curriculum
  • Students will be able to gain more confidence & self-esteem, allowing them to be more motivated & excel better in school
  • 1-1 Tutor-Student individualized & established learning experience
  • Helps reduce students’ stress levels & overcome learning obstacles when it comes to school examinations/tests
  • Helps improve students’ learning attitude, social & behavioral skills

#1 PSLE Tuition Agency: Singapore Tuition Teachers

Trusted Tuition Agency with more than 30,000 Well-Qualified & Experienced PSLE tutors to select from, ranging from Part-Time Tutors to Ex/Current MOE Teachers.

Testimonials:“We are lucky to have Ms Jess as our son’s tutor. She is very engaging & patient. My son was struggling with his PSLE English & Maths but under Ms Jess guidance, he managed to improve his English from B to A & Maths from C to A!”

Singapore Tuition Teachers Pte. Ltd.
Singapore Tuition Teachers Pte. Ltd.

Useful Tips On How To
Ace Your PSLE

  1. Creating A Study Plan.
    One of the most effective ways to ensure academic success is by creating a study plan/schedule that you can stick to.
    A study schedule allows students to plan how they manage their time, & to ensure that they are setting aside enough time outside of class for their home & school assignments, tests/prelims, & reviewing their past works.
  2. Memorize & Review.
    Most students tend to memorize information blindly without understanding/reviewing them, which yes – can be of temporary help. However, as time passes, this piece of memory will tend to fade, hence, it will not benefit the student in the long run.
    Students are encouraged to do a weekly/monthly review to recap the work that they have done from the previous weeks & discuss what they have learned & the progress they have made.
  3. Practice Makes Perfect.
    Sounds familiar? This has been a constant reminder from most teachers/parents to their students/children. Practice does make perfect & get helps students to be more proactive & prepared for their tests/exams.
    The ability to effectively develop a skill you have been practicing over time will boost your self-confidence. There is no doubt that this is crucial to students’ daily lives.
  4. Teach Your Peers.
    In addition to strengthening your learning habits, teaching your peers can also help you improve your understanding, build up your confidence & expose yourself to new learning methods.
    At the same time, your peers & yourself get to learn new skills & concepts along the way, which is a gift of encouragement for both of you.
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PSLE Tuition FAQ's

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Chinese
  • Science
  • Malay
  • Tamil
  • Foundation Subjects
Singapore Tuition Teachers Pte. Ltd.

PSLE Tuition FAQ's

Absolutely! PSLE tutors from SG Tuition Teachers are highly reliable. Our stringent selection process evaluates academic qualifications, teaching experience, & a genuine commitment to student success. Dedication to quality assurance ensures only dependable & competent tutors are matched with students. Encouraging feedback from students & parents further ensures continuous monitoring & enhancement of our tutoring services. Trust SG Tuition Teachers for a reliable & effective educational partnership in PSLE tuition.

To request a PSLE tutor through SG Tuition Teachers, visit our website’s ‘Request a Tutor’ section. Fill out the online form with your contact details, preferred schedule, and specific requirements. Our team will promptly match you with a qualified Science tutor based on your preferences.

For direct assistance, contact us via phone or email. At SG Tuition Teachers, we strive to make the tutor-request process straightforward for a seamless experience.

1. Online Request Form: Easily request a tutor by completing our online form available here. This form empowers you to specify your Science tutor requirements & preferences.

2. Email: For more personalized assistance or specific queries, feel free to send us an email at

3. Phone Contact: If you prefer direct communication, call/WhatsApp us at +65 8812 1252. This option is ideal for immediate responses & in-depth discussions about your tutoring requirements.

At SG Tuition Teachers, we offer a diverse range of PSLE tutors to meet various educational needs. Our pool includes part-time tutors/Undergraduates, full-time tutors/graduates, as well as NIE-trained teachers. All our tutors have strong academic backgrounds, extensive teaching experience & a passion for imparting knowledge. Whether you need specialized tutors for specific PSLE subjects, exam preparation experts, or mentors for foundational learning, our comprehensive selection caters to diverse preferences. Count on SG Tuition Teachers to match you with a tutor tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring an effective and personalized learning experience.

Yes, at SG Tuition Teachers, you can request for a specific tutor. Please indicate your preference in the online request form & we will make every effort to accommodate your choice. Our commitment is to ensure a professional & tailored learning experience that meets your expectations.

SG Tuition Teachers employs a meticulous process to match tutors with students effectively:

1. Online Request Form / Contact Us Directly: Students can fill out our online request form or contact us directly via WhatsApp/Email, providing details about their tutoring needs, preferences & schedule.

2. Personalized Matching: Our team carefully reviews the information submitted & conducts a personalized assessment to match students with the most suitable tutors.

3. Diverse Tutor Pool: We consider factors such as academic requirements, learning style & subject expertise, drawing from our diverse pool of tutors, including part-time tutors, full-time tutors & NIE-trained teachers.

4. Tutor Search & Profile Viewing: Following the initial assessment, we proceed to conduct a tailored tutor search based on the client’s requirements. We then present parents/students with a selection of tutor profiles, allowing them to choose the tutor who best fits their preferences & needs.

5. Feedback & Adjustments: We value feedback & make adjustments as needed to ensure a positive & productive tutoring experience for both students & tutors.

SG Tuition Teachers is committed to a thoughtful & tailored approach in assigning tutors, aiming to create an optimal learning partnership for every student.

Enrolling your child in PSLE tuition with SG Tuition Teachers provides:

1. Expert Guidance: Our experienced tutors offer tailored instruction aligned with the PSLE syllabus for a comprehensive understanding.

2. Personalized Approach: We address individual learning needs, focusing on areas requiring improvement through a personalized teaching approach.

3. Exam Strategies: Our tutors impart effective exam strategies, aiding in time management & optimal performance under exam conditions.

4. Comprehensive Revision: We provide targeted resources, practice exams, & thorough revision materials to reinforce learning & enhance confidence.

5. Proven Track Record: SG Tuition Teachers has a successful track record, with students achieving improved grades & academic excellence in PSLE exams.

Enroll with us for a supportive & enriching learning experience, preparing your child for success in their examinations.

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